Posted: Aprilie 7, 2011 in Dau cu părerea

„What if”s suck. It’s like eating the most amazing chocolate cake, or drinking the most wonderful bottle of wine you ever had, and wondering afterwards „but what if i kept some more, to enjoy at a latter time”. It spoils every bit of enthusiasm you previously had about that moment, when you were eating that cake, or drinking that wine. Isn’t it healthier to say „damn that was a fucking great cake/wine”? Who knows, you might even have a better cake, or a better wine, some time in the future. You might not, as well. Anyway, until the future, that cake, or that wine, was still a great fucking cake, or wine. Awesome cake. Or wine.

Things are never black and white. Or good or bad. Decisions also. You just go on with doing what you do, making the best and enjoying the most of it. And all this time, hopefully, you have the time of your life.

Until a really cool device will come up, going back will not be an option. Going forward either actually – that’s because it’s a must. And forward might be very similar, or much worse, or far better, than what previously was, but it’s always the way things go.

Still, there was this fucking awesome cake i had once.


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